Photo straight after getting tattooed☺️
By TJ day at Capricorn body art 💌 
Made a donation for flash which goes to a good cause 🙌
Rooftop bar with my man is the best💗
This lunch at naked for satan🙌 I need to go back for their food and salted caramel vodka
Look how much I’ve changed since January! What an improvement😁

Roof top bar and a cutie😘Hot apple cider is amazing also. What a lovely day!

I absolutely hate my before profile. It’s actually embarrassing, but I can proudly say that I am now comfortable with my side profile. Thanks to my amazing surgeon👏
I have to wake up in 6 hours!
I’ve got class in the morning and then I’m visiting the cat cafe🐱
I’m a tea lover developing an addiction for coffee☕️

Love you 💘
Almost 2 months post op and loving it👃