Warrnambool was a very nice holiday. My boyfriend and I went swimming/exploring at the beach, went to the indoor swimming pool of our hotel, and paid for a session in the geothermal pool (mineral pool/spa heated from underground). ☀️
2014 updates

It’s been pretty hard to find extra time for photo shoots and what not while I’ve been on holidays unfortunately, but I intend on doing a few good shoots the next few weeks!

I’ve been working a lot, which takes up so much of my time when I’m working double shifts (lunch and dinner). It’s been so hard to find time to see my dad and Emily, and even friends! I always make time for my boyfriend though, which keeps me sane. But even then it’s 1 night usually at his place! And travelling time can really eat into my day.

I like that I work a lot and am busy all the time in some ways, because I’m making money while I can. And after so long, I am going on a mini holiday with my beloved! It’s our first holiday together! We are going to warnambool for 3 nights. It’s still in Victoria, and it’s not a long time but it’s just what I need. A getaway. Just some time away from everything. Hopefully I can take some photos while I’m up there!

And my favourite update of all: I’m getting my braces off in 6 sleeps!!! And my hair dyed 😁
This year is already turning out to be amazing. Then it’s back to tafe in 3 weeks time, which I’m excited for as well. New class, new look and fresh motivation for my final year!

Curl secret by vs Sassoon produces the nicest curls :)
Tim and I on Christmas Day 🎉
Summer is my favourite season. Featuring fresh blonde roots and pretty lingerie ~
Perfect bra shopping!
Latest impulse buy~