You don’t realise how much your nose changes from the day your cast comes off to over a week later! Wow!
Polaroids πŸ’ž
New heels! So lovely♠️♣️
Other side profile πŸ‘ƒ
I love you little man πŸ’˜
Profile pictures are my fave lately ☺️ 
Still getting used to my new face, and still swollen and a bit sore!
Happy times.

I wore make up today (first time since op) and I honestly felt so good about my appearance.. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when I’ve felt so self conscious of myself all my life, it is a big deal.
I’ve never really had the privilege of just looking nice/decent without trying so hard. So this is really new for me. Actually looking good and liking what I see in the mirror.
It’s such a a strange and foreign feeling to me. It’s quite nice.
And then after taking my makeup off, I still felt good about myself! I feel like my face finally looks how it is supposed to!

Nose update!

Since my cast came off Wednesday, the swelling (front on) has gone down quite a lot. Thank goddddd for that. I go back to work tonight and I didn’t want to look like an avatar character any longer πŸ˜‚
It was so so swollen. But I’m finally starting to look more and more like myself again.

Hopefully work will be endurable tonight and I won’t get funny looks from people or people questioning me on my decision etc. I just want positivity I don’t want to feel like I need to justify my actions.
Not to mention there’s still a lot of dried blood in and around my nostrils, I can’t pick it off for fear of damaging something so It’s going to look festy as at work.
The bruises I should be able to cover up fine though!

Here’s a photo of the yummiest drink to ever exist! Called ‘love juice’ πŸ’—