A very tasty cocktail called the ‘jam jar’ and actually tastes like jam 😋
From a good day when I was feeling swell 🍂
Fresh nailz 💅

Amazing food👏 who would have thought chicken and waffles covered in maple syrup would go together? 😍

He makes me so happy☺️and we’ve been having the best of times lately! Always bonding over amazing food at restaurants and trying new drinks at bars. It’s become a weekly thing😂💗
Had the nicest dinner and cocktails in the city with my babe💗🍸
Feeling drunk on the train home😛
Photo straight after getting tattooed☺️
By TJ day at Capricorn body art 💌 
Made a donation for flash which goes to a good cause 🙌
Rooftop bar with my man is the best💗
This lunch at naked for satan🙌 I need to go back for their food and salted caramel vodka
Look how much I’ve changed since January! What an improvement😁