3 months post op today☺️ best gift I ever gave myself!
Sometimes (on the rare occasion) I feel okay about my appearance 🐝
Wiggin’ out👸
He makes me so happy☺️and we’ve been having the best of times lately! Always bonding over amazing food at restaurants and trying new drinks at bars. It’s become a weekly thing😂💗
Had the nicest dinner and cocktails in the city with my babe💗🍸
Feeling drunk on the train home😛
Spent a lovely couple of days at Tims, with drinks, hangs and good food 👌
I wanna do something different with my hair because it never does what I want anymore. 
I want the sides to grow out already, and need more tapes added in for thicker hair! Should I get my length cut in a blunt way?
I have to wake up in 6 hours!
I’ve got class in the morning and then I’m visiting the cat cafe🐱
I love wearing pretty lingerie underneath my winter clothes🎀
This is my serious concentration face 💁