Spent a lovely couple of days at Tims, with drinks, hangs and good food 👌
I wanna do something different with my hair because it never does what I want anymore. 
I want the sides to grow out already, and need more tapes added in for thicker hair! Should I get my length cut in a blunt way?
I have to wake up in 6 hours!
I’ve got class in the morning and then I’m visiting the cat cafe🐱
I love wearing pretty lingerie underneath my winter clothes🎀
This is my serious concentration face 💁
Almost 2 months post op and loving it👃
Kind of fond of red lippy👄 but I do prefer dark red. 
And got my hair extensions lifted woo!
Friday night in featuring red lippy💋
Rugged up and snug as a bug🐛
Just being an artist xoxo