oh my god I thought the last one was a JOKE, jfc


Yeah, just to clarify: no part of #9 is a joke. All those things sound like gross exaggerations that would be unfair, horrible things to say about a person were they not true. Unfortunately, every single one of them is.

Actually, I’d like to clarify something about #9.

The man who was assaulted was attacked by Mitt and a few of Mitt’s friends, yes, but he was not gay. That’s what makes it worse. He was NOT gay, but Mitt and his friends suspected he was gay simply because he came to school with what can only be described as an 80s-appropriate hairstyle. Because his bangs were longer than the hair at the back of his head, they decided it was a clear indication that he was a homosexual and they sought to “fix” that by forcibly cutting his hair. The man, however, was not gay and due to the bullying he received from Mitt, Mitt’s friends, and several people in the aftermath of what Mitt and his friends did, the man committed suicide.

I would also like to note that this occurred while Mitt Romney was in college.

It wasn’t elementary school, when you could at least blame parents and school faculty for not intervening. It wasn’t even during high school, when you’re expected to be completely immature and there’s still enough accountability to assign to parents and teachers that chose not to intervene. It was during college. They were all adults and they behaved that way toward someone they suspected could be gay because of their chosen style of hair.

When Mitt was confronted with the fact that the man went on to kill himself as a result of having no self-esteem or self-worth after having been so cruelly taunted, bullied, and assaulted, he brushed the subject off and said, “kids will be kids.” Except you weren’t a child, you weren’t even a teenager. You were an adult and you went unpunished for your criminal assault of another human being, and that person is now dead because of the things you and your friends drilled into his head. Negative infinity points for Romney.

I am not yet old enough to vote but please please please if you are 18, register and vote. It does matter. I sound like those MTV campaigns but I don’t care. VOTE. No really, seriously. V O T E. 

WTF it is true:   http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/mitt-romneys-prep-school-classmates-recall-pranks-but-also-troubling-incidents/2012/05/10/gIQA3WOKFU_story.html?hpid=z2

mitt romney. literally. caused somebody’s death.directly.

bias or no bias, everybody should read this. please read this.

physical assault is the clearest, most childish form of bullying.
i reallyreally hope that america does not vote for a bully as their leader.

Voting for Obama. If you can vote, VOTE FOR OBAMA! Please! This needs many more notes and every person who reblogged this that is 18 and over needs to vote for Obama.

I may not be American, but holy hell, if you vote for Mitt Romney, you must be actually insane. I just can’t see why anyone would vote for him, when Obama is doing such a good job, and isn’t a stubborn asshole. 

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