If I knew its gonna hurt this much, I wish I never laid my eyes on him.
Higurashi Kagome, InuYasha (via my-typewritten-thoughts)
I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.
A.G. (via c-oquetry)
Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart.
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Lunch shift today and party time tonight~


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I just want someone to tell me I’m good enough
A.V (via invhale )

Start telling yourself and stop fucking waiting for someone to see that you are already more than good enough. Be grounded.

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I wish the anxiety would disappear. Keeps creeping up on me.


I love youBut I gotta let you go
I’m finding myself now.

Hitting the wall of exhaustion quite early tonight. Just want to be all healed and better already.